Privacy policy


In consideration of my appearance on the Ford Models Sports portal, a division of Ford Models, Inc., I hereby consent to the following:

1. The use of my name, image and likeness on the portal;

2. The availability of my name, image and likeness and the details of my identity in the Sports questionnaire that I previously gave to Sports to gain admission to the portal to brands and other clients of Sports and Ford Models, Inc. (brands.)

3. The receipt by me of inquiries and offers from brands.

4. In instances where brands make arrangements with me to use my name, image and likeness and do not pay me directly, the collection by Sports and Ford Models Inc. of amounts due to me and the payment of the amounts received, less commissions, to me.

5. Commissions of twenty percent from me plus twenty percent from brands to Sports. By way of illustration, should the quote for the use by a brand of my name, image and likeness be $1,000, the brand will pay $1,200 and I will receive $ 800 and Sports will get $200 from me and $200 from the brand.